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*bounces in doing an even more exhuberant than normal version of her patented dance of joy*

I just got to talk to Ed for a full half hour! :D I'm so happy, I could squeal. In fact, I'm shocked I didn't... Well, actually, I *might* have, but to spare his ears I made sure it was before I picked up the phone. *laughs* Though, then again, knowing my voice and vocal range he probably still heard it all the way out in Arizona... *smirks* Anyway, I called him earlier, and his phone was off, so I left him a message, you know, just letting him know I'm thinking about him, that I miss him. Turns out he's out in the field and will be for another few days, so while they were doing their training he couldn't very well have his phone on, which is what I expected was happening. But, anyway, he called me when he got back to his tent and saw that I called. We got to talk for a whole half hour... We haven't gotten to talk for that long in so long; I'm giddy. And the reception was perfect, it didn't cut out once! *is ecstatic* I don't mean to bother ya'll with my exclamations of glee, but I'm just so happy right now. I miss him so much, it's scary, and just hearing his voice has made this the best day I've had in a while. :)

In other news, for anyone who doesn't know, I had two papers due today, one for American Lit and Film, the other for Modern European Lit. There was a bit of a frazzled nature to the approach to writing these papers, but I'm happy to report that I think they were both really good. I just hope Haffner and Kaffer share my opinion. *grins* If they don't, well, I have at least two more papers to write in each class plus the final exams, and if there's one thing I've learned in the past few years, it's that I'm a reasonably good test taker. Which reminds me, I should be getting my Abnormal Psych test back in approximately 11 hours. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I should probably be getting ready for bed, I didn't sleep too well last night. I'll write more later though. Lots of love to everyone, and even more love to my sweetheart, Ed! (P.S. I know you won't get to see this for another couple days, and that's if your computer's working, but I hope your class goes okay on Monday, Ed! *grins proudly* I know you'll do great. *hugs and kisses* I love you, Ed!)
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