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Thank goodness it's Friday!

Yesterday was great... I only had one class, I found out that I'm exempt from my Psych class final if I want to be cause I have an A- in the class, and the best part was I got to talk to Ed for 20 minutes! It was great! :D We had such a nice talk about everything- his test on Wednesday, my presentation that same day, everything. *grins* It was awesome! Then again, it's always awesome getting to talk to the person you love. :)

And then today was nice. Class got out early, and then this afternoon I went to a friend's U.S./Latin American Relations class to take notes for her while she took her GRE. It was actually kinda interesting, except it was hard to keep up with teacher since he talked so fast. It was funny- his name is Mr. Cady, so when I told my friend that Cady talked too fast, she heard "Catie," thought I was referring to myself in the third person and got really, really confused. *smirks and laughs* It was hilarious!

Not much else going on here. I should probably get going, but I'll talk to you all later. Lots of hugs to all, and even more hugs and lots of kisses to Ed! I love you, Ed!
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