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I'm free! I'm free! I'm free! *does a little dance*

Well, finals are finally over, and I think they went really, really well! As of yedsterday Fr. Campbell had posted our grades in Performing Shakespeare and I got an A in the class, so now I just have to worry about my other four classes - although I'm positive they went ok. So now, I'm done with class, and the only thing left is singing at Baccalaureate and Graduation for Choir class - yes, I'm getting graded to sing at the graduation of two of my best friends. I would be there anyway, but my teacher says I have to not only be there but sing as well. Fun! *smirks* I'm only kidding, ya'll know how much I love singing, even if I'm not all that good at it. My Civil Liberties final last night went really well. But what really sucked is I missed my second call from Ed in two days because of the test! He's been trying to get a hold of me for two days now, and I've missed it both times... I hate my timing! (Baby, if you're reading this, I am so sorry I missed you! I tried calling you back and left you a message thinking I had just missed you by a second, but then I checked and it was more like an hour... I felt terrible. I promise if you get a chance to call today, I'll answer, love! *hugs and kisses*)

Well, I probably should go get ready for lunch, but I'll write more later. Lots of hugs to everyone, and even more hugs and lots of kisses to Ed! I love you, Ed!
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