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The Life and Times of "Catie the Kitten"

AKA Legally Blonde, Hermione, Scarlett, Catie Cat, Cathy Dory, etc.

30 August 1986
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Well, I'm a law student from Florida studying in Nebraska. I majored in English and minored in prelaw in undergrad. I want to become a lawyer, eventually. I suppose law is close enough to my original career choice... I wanted to be an actress. *smirks* I have several "big brothers and sisters" (AKA very protective, sweet friends who've pretty much become family to me). I'm engaged to the greatest guy on the planet; we've been together since high school, and he's the sweetest, most loving, and downright handsomest guy I've ever met. I've got a great family and the cutest little dog and cat the world has ever seen, as far as I'm concerned. I also have an obsession with all things related to Harry Potter (though I will maintain until I die that the Half-Blood Prince movie was better than the book. Yes, you read that correctly; the book was... frustrating to me, shall we say? *smirks* Anyone who knows me knows that's a tremendous understatement. Chapters and chapters and chapters of exposition, and just when we're getting to the action, the actual plot, the book ends - with one of my favorite characters killed in a rather dissatisfying manner, by another character I adore, no less! Not cool! The movie had it's faults - the lack of Snape going berzerk when being called a coward- don't get me started...! *growls* - but was still awesome, and it even came much closer to getting me to like Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione than JK ever did - though that's a whole other can of worms entirely. *smirks*), the musical theater (especially Phantom of the Opera, Avenue Q, and Wicked currently), Shakespeare (to the point where I actually bought a pack of chewing gum that really didn't taste very good because the packaging contained Shakespearean insults. *laughs* I know, I'm weird, but that's why ya'll love me!), and the classic film Gone with the Wind, among other things. Recently became a god-mom to a gorgeous little girl - she's only 3 months and she's already trying to crawl! :) She's a spunky, determined little one - I'm very proud! So yes, life is beautiful!