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I did it! I did it! I actually did it! *does her dance of joy*

My grades are all finally in! A-'s in Modern European Lit, American Lit and Film, and Abnormal Psych; A's in Civil Liberties and Performing Shakespeare; and an A+ in Junior Chorale (not that that one is a surprise. If I hadn't gotten an A it would have been more of a surprise)! I'm so happy I could dance... In fact, I think I will! *does her dance of joy again* So yes, semester GPA is 3.831, meaning my cumulative is up to 3.658. *grins* I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I'm really really proud of myself right now - I was so scared that my Civil Liberties final and final paper hadn't gone well and that it would really kill my semester grades, but apparently they both went really well! :) I'm very, very happy right now if you can't tell. I can't wait to tell Ed! *grins* I'm going to try to call him tonight after he gets off work to tell him the good news; plus I want to see how his test went today. Baby, if you're reading this, I hope your P.T. test went well and that you're feeling ok! I hate seeing you hurting... *snuggles you before giving you a kiss on the cheek* Well, I need to go and get lunch, but I'll write more later. Lots of hugs to everyone, and even more hugs and lots of kisses to Ed! I love you, Ed!
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congrats on your tip-top grades, Catie!! I am happy for you!
by the way, your subject line reminds me of Dora the Explorer, lol! "We did it, we did it, hooray!!"
let me know when you get your package!
*grins and hugs* Thanks Amy! *reads rest of comment and laughs* Ok, I may need to edit that subject line if it's in any way reminding anyone of Dora the Explorer... *smirks* Just kidding. *hugs* LYLAS Amy!