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Really, really gigantic news!

Well, as you have probably all heard me squealing in delight for the past 24 hours and may not know the exact reason why, I am here to make the biggest announcement I have ever made in my life. As of one o'clock in the morning Sunday, August 19, Ed is no longer my boyfriend... He's my fiance! We went for a walk on Pensacola Beach and he asked me... It was so romantic, I can't believe I didn't start crying! We haven't set a date yet and it won't be till he gets back from South Korea, so it'll be a while, but I promise when we've figured out details we'll let you know! Well, I've got to get going, but I'll write more later! Lots of hugs to everyone and even more hugs and lots of kisses to my husband to be! I love you Ed!
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